Loan Mods & Short Sales

Home Owner’s In Need of Help


In this economy, there are many reasons why people are getting behind on their mortgages.  For some, it isn’t even economic hardship, but the fact that their mortgage is higher than the value of their home and they feel that they will never again have equity in their property.


Foreclosure is the worst possible outcome!  It is only slightly less damaging to you than bankruptcy.  It remains as a public record for 10 years, destroys your credit, allows the lender to come after you for deficiency, and can effect your current or future employment.


The (2) best options are either a loan modification or a short sale.  We can assist you with either or both, and at no cost to you.



We are Real Estate professionals trained as “Loss Mitigation Consultants”, to work with you and your lender to resolve the issue with the least impact to you and your family.  We’ve been assisting sellers with loan modifications and short sales since 2006 when the housing market began to crash.


Benefits of a loan modification:  potentially new terms that allow you to handle the payments, and being able to keep your home.


Benefits of a short sale (SS):  credit only mildly hurt and SS not reported on credit,  can live in home w/out payment until sale, no taxes payable on forgiven debt,  no embarrassing public sale at courthouse, can re-purchase another home in as little at 12 months, a new home purchase can be accomplished while prices are still very low.


We’re available 7am to 10pm daily to serve our clients.  Give us a call or email us today and we’ll get started on a plan to resolve your situation and take the stress off immediately.